Vulcan.NET Support

If you have a problem during the installation of Vulcan.NET, or find that you have code that works in Visual Objects that does not work in Vulcan.NET, please open a report at so that it can be resolved. Everyone has access to the customer support system. If you have not been to the site before, click on the "Register" link and register.  Access is granted immediately.  If you have already registered and forgot your password, click on the "Forgot password" link.

To discuss Vulcan.NET with other users please go to the Vulcan newsgroup, grafx.public.vulcan.general. You can get to it in your newsreader by using the server. Or you can use the web interface

For code samples, tips, and contributions from the Vulcan.NET community visit

You will always find the latest information and updates relating to Vulcan.NET at the official web site: