Vulcan.NET Pre-Release Program
Vulcan.NET Pre-Release Program
Tuesday, 31 July 2007 

GrafX is pleased to announce the Vulcan.NET Pre-Release Program (VNPR).

Because many of you are anxious to get started with Vulcan.NET we are pleased to announce the following "Vulcan.NET Pre release Program" (VNPR), that will allow you to get a jump start developing in Vulcan.NET.

How it works
Purchase a competitive upgrade for Visual Objects users for Vulcan.NET and receive the following today:

  • 1 licensed copy of Vulcan.NET ( Pre-Release Vulcan.NET with free Upgrade to Vulcan Net 1.0)
  • 1 licensed copy of Visual Studio (Ships with Vulcan.NET Language Only)
  • 1 One year subscription to VNPP (access to private Vulcan.NET VNPR forums)

You can start to work with Vulcan.NET today. Here is the link to order:

As a base line for what is ready and what is not ready, please download the free Trial Version of Vulcan.NET from GoVulcan.NET

What is ready

  • Vulcan.NET compiler
  • VS Forms Designer
  • VS Source code editor
  • VS Debugger
  • DBF/CDX Support (Desktop)
  • Macros
  • Code Blocks
  • Visual Object Language
  • Visual Objects Class Libs
  • Visual Objects Runtime Libs
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Samples

What is NOT ready (as of July 31, 2007)

(These features will be include in later builds that you will have access to via download in VNPP program)

Within the next few months we expect to complete these items. In general the following items are being worked on in the following order.

  • Transporter
  • OLE controls on Win 32 Forms
  • Intellisense  for the Visual Studio Editor

If you are interested in opening up you development horizons to a whole new world of professional development using  Microsoft .NET side by side with assemblies from C++, C# and VB while leveraging your xBase  or Visual Objects skills, then you really owe it to yourself to have an IN DEPTH look at Vulcan.NET.

Take the intelligent action and evaluate this product with your own mind. Vulcan.NET IS the future of Visual Objects.

A free 60 Day Trial Version available at http://www.GoVulcan.NET. Use the "Trial Version" Menu option.


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