Vulcan.NET 1.0 Release
Vulcan.NET 1.0 Release
Tuesday, 27 November 2007 

Press Release:
Vulcan.NET 1.0 Release Date
West Palm Beach, Florida USA

xBase comes into the .NET world!

November 27th, 2007

GrafX Software is pleased to release its long awaited successor to Visual Objects, Vulcan.NET 1.0, on November 30, 2007.

The Vulcan.NET 1.0 compiler provides a high level of compatibility with Visual Objects language.  FoxPro, xBase, and dBase users will also find the language familiar. Vulcan.NET produces .NET executables and .DLLs (.NET assemblies).

Vulcan.NET 1.0 ships with a copy of Visual Studio 2005 and is integrated into Visual Studio's Source Code Editor, Debugger, Project system, and Windows Form Generators.  Visual Studio Project templates are provided to create standard MDI and SDI shell applications, as well as a variety of "starter" project templates, which make starting a new application very easy. Visual Studio 2008 will be provided to licensed users of Vulcan.NET when it becomes publicly available.

Other Integrated Development Environments for Vulcan.NET are also available. VIDE is written in Vulcan.NET (currently 80,000 lines) and provides an environment closer to Visual Objects for Visual Objects Programmer.

Vulcan.NET also includes a utility called "Transporter" which will read and process Visual Objects 2.8 applications.  The output of transporter is a “Visual Studio project” which is ready to be compiled, utilizing the supplied pre-compiled assemblies for the VO GUI and other VO Class Libraries. Transporter may also mark or comment areas of code which may need to be looked at by the programmer.

It should go with out saying that Vulcan.NET is quite capable of utilizing any .NET method. This of course provides unlimited power of the .NET framework to be utilized in any application the end user would choose to write from the ground up, or mix with the his/her existing VO classes.

Like its predecessors, Clipper and Visual Objects, Vulcan.NET supports DBF/CDX data natively for the desktop. SQL applications are also supported via ADO.NET, and soon to come via "VO2ADO for Vulcan.NET" a bridge-like product for users of Visual Objects 3rd Party product VO2ADO.

Now that many of the third Visual Objects party products have been compiled in Vulcan.NET 1.0 it is time to get started! A partial list of 3rd party products currently being tested under Vulcan.NET 1.0 include:

bBrowser for Vulcan.Net
Classmate for Vulcan.NET
Report Pro for Vulcan.NET
Vulcan.NET Productivity Pack (VNPP)
Right SLE for Vulcan.NET
Vulcan.NET Plug In for Reflector.

A 164 page Vulcan.NET “Getting Started Guide” is available from http://www.GoVulcan.NET. The Getting Started Guide is a must read for anyone wanting technical information on Vulcan.NET

60 Day evaluation versions are available at GoVulcan.NET: http://www.GoVulcan.NET

Pricing information is available at the company website

Competitive upgrade discounts are available to Visual Objects users. Firms with groups of programmers are also offered a discount for multi-user copies of Vulcan.NET.

Vulcan.NET licenses are provided with one year free maintenance releases. These “maintenance releases” will provide new functionality as it becomes available.

Also included with a Vulcan.NET license is one year of Tech Support. Support will be conducted on-line at our public forum
News Group: grafx.public.vulcan.general

Vulcan.NET licenses are perpetual. All applications produced are royalty free.

Vulcan.NET is also available as a part of the VOPS plan. See link for details. http://www.GoVulcan.NET

We are very proud to have produced such a highly compatible .NET compiler for the Visual Objects language. We believe that this is a huge step for forward for all Visual Object programmers who want to move into the .NET world with minimal impact on their existing code base.  We, of course, also encourage any user of other xBase products to evaluate Vulcan.NET.

GrafX Software was founded in 1991. The company is privately held US Company, and continues in its long standing development of products for the Clipper, Visual Objects and xBase languages. More information about GrafX Software can be found at the company website or Vulcan.NET website at http://www.GoVulcan.NET. Company headquarters is located at
11900 Torreyanna Circle, West Palm Beach, Florida 33412 USA.
Phone 01(561) 691-0900 

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