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The Getting Started guide, "Vulcan.NET At Warp Speed", introduces essential concepts about the .NET environment and about Vulcan.NET in particular. It provides a solid foundation on which to start effective programming using Vulcan.NET.

To kick off your venture into .NET the guide presents a quick overview of .NET concepts. You may have heard some of the terms before, or maybe this is the first time you have seen them described in a context such as this.

Once the basics have been covered the guide moves on to a discussion of the Vulcan.NET language. This section assumes knowledge of Visuals Objects and does not go over the things that are the same between VO and Vulcan. Unless otherwise stated, you should expect things in Vulcan work exactly the same as they did in VO. This section concentrates on the things that have changed, or are new.

The third part of the guide looks at how Visual Objects code can be taken from a repository and moved to Visual Studio. Even before moving any code there are a small number of VO code improvements that can be made by the Transporter utility, and they are applied directly to the code within the repository. When you are ready you can ask Transporter to create a Visual Studio solution for your selected VO project. The majority of the transported code will remain unchanged and make use of the Vulcan-compiled versions of the VO class libraries.

Part IV makes the move into .NET programming and using new tools that are available. The most significant new tool is Visual Studio and this section presents a number of examples that highlight some of its features.

Vulcan.NET At Warp Speed Guide (February 2010)


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